Your car’s windshield has a major chip or crack from debris on the highway. In turn, this causes an obstruction and you are involved in a major accident. Who’s at fault? What are your rights? In addition to knowing what you should do, if you or your vehicle suffers any for of damage because of debris or items on the highway, you need to have a law firm on your side to represent you. Find out why the right firm will not only work to ensure you are compensated, but also that you aren’t found to be at fault, if the obstruction, crack, or chip which caused the accident, wasn’t your fault.
Small items –
Yes, something as small as a pebble or rock can cause major damage to your windshield on the highway. Due to the high speeds, and these items flying at your car at extremely high speeds, even a small object can do major damage with enough force. Road debris, small rocks from road construction, and small items which are hard or abrasive in nature, are all responsible for major damage to car windshields. So make sure you are always on the lookout for these items when on the road.