Having the damage repaired would cost the couple a fortune , but they insisted on paying for it—on installment.

For many people ; their cars are more important than anything else. Luxury car owners are often extremely careful with their ‘trophy’ cars that they will never tolerate a single scratch done to it. A simple repair can cost them thousands of dollars; and nobody would want to get into an accident and pay that fee.

Sadly for a couple from in Thailand’s Nonthaburi Province, their most noticeably bad dream has worked out as expected. While driving their old auto ; they coincidentally “kissed” a stopped Lamborghini . Seeing they had hit an exceptionally costly auto, the couple, who were the two fishmongers, escaped the auto to converse with the extravagance auto’s proprietor.

In spite of the fact that the couple’s auto had more harm contrasted with the scratches made to the extravagance auto, the couple knew they were to blame. Knowing how costly the repairs must be; the couple argued in the event that they could pay the proprietor by portions.

Nonetheless, when the big shot discovered that the couple didn’t have protection for their own auto, he pardoned them and said they didn’t have to pay for anything. Rather, he approached the couple for an exceptionally basic; inspiring support: they should guarantee to give 3000 Thai Baht to a sanctuary for 10 times as a pay.

When the news of this kind-hearted tycoon gone viral on social media, he said: ” I do not want to brag that I am rich but the reason is I do not want this couple to compensate me for the damages caused to my car is because I want people to learn to forgive others. My car is very expensive and so what? If this accident was not done deliberately, shouldn’t we forgive others with an open heart?”  Luxury Car


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