Sorry folks! I am going to go anon on this one. I don’t want to look like I am showing off .
I was at work and my husband called to say that while he was dropping my sons at school they decided on what car to buy. So he asked me to come straight home after work so we could go to the dealership. The boys were ready when we got home. I quickly changed into sweatpants and off we went. The area we were driving towards had a number of dealerships. I asked them what car and they just said ‘you will see’. (If they had told me where we were headed I would have shot them down!).
We passed the Lexus, Benz, BMW, Infiniti but we were still driving. We turned right into a corner and I found myself staring at the Ferrari dealership. I gave them an incredulous, you-are-out-of-your-mind look but I knew my boys enough not to argue. All I said atleast if I knew I would have worn better clothes! We parked our Lexus and walked in. That’s when it all began!
hence ; We were walking around looking and not one salesman approached us. It was like we were invisible. I guess they had never seen a South Asian Indian family at their dealership. We were already irritated a bit. My husband then told the receptionist that we would like to speak to someone. The blonde looked at us like we had two heads. Rather reluctantly she paged someone and a suit arrived. Mr. Suit kept his hands in his pocket and did not even shake hands.
Us: “We are looking to buy a Ferrari 458”
Mr. Suit: “We do not have any used cars at this moment”
Us: “We would like to buy a new car not used”
Mr. Suit: “Well you can walk around and have a look the prices are on the window. Let me know if you decide” and he walked away!
I looked at my family and said I don’t think we should give this dealership any business, they don’t deserve us. Everyone unanimously agreed and we went home.
The next day was a Saturday, we were going to visit another dealership. We decided to go check out a Maserati. Apparently there was a special Audi R8 in the area that the kids wanted to look at. So we thought we will stop by Audi enroute to the Maserati. This time I told everyone to dress well. I put on my best jeans, my glittering stones and a bag that reeked money!
We walked into the Audi dealership and a pretty girl greeted us at the door. We told her we are interested in the R8. My son being the nerd he is immediately asked her if the car is a 5.2L, V10, 610 HP, 0 to 60 in 2.9s, the lady was very impressed and…
Pretty girl said “Wonderful, what a great choice, we have exactly what you are looking for. Would you care for some refreshments while we bring the car around for you to look at”
My son “ Can we test drive”
Pretty girl “Ofcourse, let me make a copy of your drivers licenses”
They brought the car around. It was really beautiful! We were sold! We test drove it and we knew we had to go home with it.
They quoted 199K and like any good Indian true to their roots, we haggled and haggled and wore her and later a couple of Mr. Suits down until we all agreed on a price that would let us sleep better.
We signed on the dotted lines and then my husband realized that it was a Saturday and according to some age-old superstition we are not supposed to buy metal on Saturday. So the good Mr. Suits agreed to deliver it first thing Monday morning. We went home with pockets and hearts lighter at our big purchase and waited for Monday to dawn!





So while our Ferrari experience was not so great, the Audi people were really good and that is one of the cars that is in our Garage today.